LCNG - The power version to the CNG filling station

The conventional natural gas filling stations in Germany are supplied via the existing natural gas grid. The existing pipes' outlet pressures of the gas grid are perfectly adequate for households and industry. To insure a complete providing of natural gas filling stations that will be designed especially for stress refuelings Rapid and large refueling  such as for transporter, buses, trucks for motor vehicles of all classes (passenger cars, transporters, buses, trucks), this natural gas station technique is completely overchallenged!
In case of need it must be helped with expensive high-performance compressors!

At the LCNG filling station the natural gas is compressed in liquid form by means of pump and atmospheric high-pressure vaporizer. The capacities can be flexibly adjusted in this case in accordance with the existing requirements.

In direct comparison LCNG stations require a much lower energy consumption than conventional natural gas stations of today! They are therefore much more economical, can supply vehicles of all kinds virtually on unchanged refueling times with natural gas and ensure even stress refueling in short and efficient refueling times.

Because LCNG stations are independent of the natural gas grid the locations can be selected for optimal economic aspects.


The advantages at a glance:



Natural gas supply independent to the gas grid
Free selection of the location
Capacity of production according to the requirements
Stress refueling efficiently possible Rapid and large refueling  such as for transporter, buses, trucks
As well CNG refueling as LNG refueling possible
Low operating and maintenance cost
High market potential