LNG supply systems are starting up the market launch in inland shipping

From 2015 on the stricter MARPOL rules (international, worldwide applicable convention to the protection of the marine environment) will take place to reduce pollutant emissions, among others sulfur content from 1% to 0,1%. A major challenge for shipping companies to counter this fact with economic alternative fuels. In particular to prevent that the transport of goods could move back from the sea to the road.

LNG is the ideal energy carrier, as the required emissions can easily be achieved without any additional conditioning of exhaust gas treatment. 

To the already existing LNG terminals in Europe there is no port where LNG is not in focus. Therefore gas supply is secured for the next decades. The transport and refueling capacities are so various that any meaningful solutions can always be offered individually.

Pro Danube Masterplan

In coordination with the Port of Rotterdam Pro Danube Management GmbH develops a master plan for infrastructure of gas-powered inland shipping, construction of stations along the Rhine and the Danube and the construction of terminals for the storage of natural gas together with partners of twelve countries. By the end of 2015, the master plan should be completed and would extend across Europe from Rotterdam, Antwerp, Mannheim, Strasbourg, Basel, Vienna, Budapest to Constanta in Romania and Russe in Bulgaria.

Support measures

In addition to already agreed EU support measures, the KfW Bank offers project financing in the following areas:

Maritime industry   Vessels with LNG power
Raw materials   LNG liquefaction and regasification plants
Infrastructure und ports   LNG supply port terminals and environmental programs
Energy efficiency programs   Installation of scrubbers (exhaust gas cleaning systems for ships) 
      Conversion to LNG operation

Applications and solutions

ADK Gas Technologies guarantees solutions to key issues for LNG applications from individual supply to develop infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the market. Always in focus with the guarantee to develop the right product for the right application.

If you have any questions, we look forward to your contact.